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Business English Guide Blog: Essential Skills Email Writing, Part III

Now that we have clarified how to begin an English-language business email, as well as address a variety of common business email exchanges, let’s discuss how to handle the trickier situations that may come up in an office context. 1. Giving an apology Mistakes happen, and it may occur at some point that you must apologize to a colleague or customer via email. In this case, start the appropriate salutation, and go directly into the apology in the first line of the message. The phrases “I sincerely apologize for….”or “I am incredibly sorry that…” will be suitable. Especially with clients or customers, close the message by stating that “Rest assured that we will resolve this issue as quickly a

Business English Guide Blog: Essential Skills Email Writing, Part II

Last week, in Part I of our blog, we learned about how to properly address and begin a business email in English. In this post, we will discuss how to appropriately address a variety of business needs in an email message. 1. Making an appointment This is perhaps one of the most common email purposes in the business world. If you are the sender, use the question structure “Would it be possible for us to meet on….?” and give the receiver a few date and time options to choose from. Typically, a two-week time frame is manageable to set up most meetings. 2. Confirming an appointment If you are the original sender, make sure that when your sender replies, you add the meeting as an e-calendar inv

Business English Guide Blog: Essential Skills Email Writing, Part I

Email writing is an essential skill in any workplace. Yet, the thought of writing an email in English, no matter the subject, can be intimidating for many non-native speakers. Fear not! With some forethought and practice, any professional can become confident to overcome common email mishaps and can soon have English email writing become a normal part of their work routine. Let’s consider the following basic points for setting up a proper email. 1 - Think ahead of time about the purpose of your message What is your intent? Who is it addressed to? Is this person a superior, a co-worker, or a friend? This will influence the tone of your message. 2 - Write a strong subject line This is essentia

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